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Call us today to discuss your stump grinding needs. Why stump grinding? Well, what do you do if you inherited a stump or if you removed a tree and now have a pesky stump in its place? Is it just a harmless obstruction? How do you even initiate removing and disposing of the stump? We can help! Stump removal is one of the final steps in the process of tree removal, as well as the last step between you and that spectacular lawn that you have envisioned. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done and requires heavy machinery that leaves most to find themselves at a loss for where to turn. If you’re reading this, then help is within reach! We can dispose of a stump after removing a tree or we can come in to remove a preexisting stump.

Most people with little to no knowledge of tree maintenance services don’t even realize that they don’t have to put up with pesky stumps. Stumps are a nuisance, as well as a danger, and they ruin the immaculate beauty of your lawn. Stumps are not always easily visible in one’s line of sight and create a dangerous obstruction that a child or a distracted individual can easily trip over. Stumps disrupt the flow of your lawn. You can invest a lot of time into lawn care and gardening to achieve a pristine and eye-catching look, but a stump will always draw negative attention. Most of the time, they are ugly. Worst of all, with time they decay and attract rodents, insects, bees and termites. These are definitely not things you want buzzing around or wandering around your family. Unfortunately, a lot of people ignore them without realizing the potential problems they might be creating.

The difficulty many have is that very few, if any, have the heavy machinery required to effectively discard a stump. This process requires a piece of equipment with carbide teeth attached to a spinning wheel moving at 7500 RPM that easily disposes of the stump, grinding it down to mulch that is taken away or utilized to spread around after the remaining hole is covered so that new grass can grow where the stump presided. Can you tell by now that we really enjoy using powerful machinery? We are equipped to take on any stump efficiently and effectively. Don’t ignore that stump and treat it as a mere pesky nuisance, since it can become something much worse than that. Instead call us and let us remove it for you, saving you a potentially bigger problem down the line, improving the curb appeal or aesthetic of your backyard, and removing an unnecessary safety threat to you or your loved ones. You may not realize it now, but in time when you see a beautiful patch of lawn where a disruptive stump used to be, you’ll be glad you made the call!

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