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Call us today to discuss your tree removal needs. Why tree removal? Removing a tree is necessary when it is dead. Of course, it may also be required if you have a tree that is alive but poses a threat to a home, other property, or people. Tree removal may also be required if a tree has been compromised and is dying due to disease, insect infestation, or drought. Finally, at the residential or commercial level, it may be necessary to remove trees in order to clear a lot for construction, development of a parking lot, or for lawn installation. Regardless of the size of the job, the average family does not have the tools or machinery required to take on such a project, and that’s where we come in!

There are various methods for taking down a tree, and the appropriate one for a specific job may depend on factors like: a tree’s location, size of the tree(s), items surroundings the area, the shape of the tree(s), and the health status of the tree(s). Our assessment process allows us to inspect the particular job and determine the necessary removal method. Whatever the specific job calls for, we have the people, the knowledge, and the equipment to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Notch and Drop – We’ve all seen videos of DIY crusaders trying to notch and drop on their own only to have a tree crash right through their roof into their living room! What a tragic and completely avoidable mistake. The notch and drop tree removal technique requires precision, proper equipment, and experience. It involves making a precise cut at the base of the tree to dictate the trajectory, speed, and manner in which the tree will fall to achieve the desired result and avoid any form of danger to human life or property.

Climbing Method – The climbing method, also referred to as the rope and saddle method or rope rigging, involves a series of special safety climbing knots and ropes that are thrown into the tree by which an experienced climber can raise himself up. While the climber is suspended beside the tree, he or she will tie branches with rope and cut them down carefully until only the stem is left or the desired result is achieved.

35-Ton Hydraulic Crane – We’re not going to lie, we love when we get to use this incredible piece of machinery. It also provides a great show for little ones who are able to watch from a safe distance nearby. The use of a crane is required when the location of a tree or trees, prevents our technicians from safely climbing a tree to take it apart piece by piece. Instead, the job may require the tree to be plucked from its location and lifted over surrounding obstacles. Use of the crane may be necessary when trees are located in difficult spots, are enclosed, or sit at awkward angles. Sometimes trees are impossible to reach without the use of a crane. If trees are leaning over a house, a pool, a car, or tied up in electric wires; these scenarios require the use of a crane. Even cases of trees that are severely dead or decayed will necessitate removal by crane. The crane is assembled on site and involves systems of pulleys and cables that are utilized to carry large amounts of heavy weight over a required distance. For example, it facilitates tree removal, regardless of surrounding obstacles, by lifting limbs or trunks over a house, a garage, a pool, from the backyard to the front yard for site removal. The operation is a carefully orchestrated choreography between the crane operator and a guide hanging from nearby trees, providing directions, and securing the multi-ton load of branches and trunk onto the platform to be transported by the crane.

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