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Call us today to discuss your tree pruning needs. Why should you consider tree pruning? Tree pruning is the most common practice for tree maintenance. Tree pruning consists of removing and trimming tree branches, whether they are dead or alive. Most of us have experienced that close-call when we’re playfully climbing a tree and grab onto a branch that looks sturdy but easily breaks off—phew! We’ve probably also walked by massive fallen branches and thought, “Glad no one was underneath that when it fell!” The truth is, most people don’t consider the importance of tree pruning and maintenance until after the fact. Tree pruning, therefore, is first and foremost, a matter of safety. Dead limbs or branches are more likely to fall off and create a dangerous situation for your property or an individual. Consider if you have kids of grandkids running around your yard, but also consider that a storm that brings strong winds could create flying tree limbs that could crash through windows or land on your car. Tree pruning helps you prevent unnecessary damage, hassle, and money.

Tree pruning is an essential practice for the health and longevity of the tree. The presence of dead branches can overcrowd the tree’s crown and limit the tree’s potential for new growth. Large dead limbs weigh the tree down and create instability while placing unnecessary pressure on the tree. Deadwood is also a prime breeding ground for infestation that can really threaten the overall well-being of the tree. To avoid these situations, consider pruning your trees.

Tree pruning enriches the beauty and appeal of your exterior space. Keep your yard looking sharp and pristine through proper tree maintenance and enjoy the satisfaction of a space that is inviting, beautiful to behold, and enjoyable to bask in. Additionally, cutting overgrown branches can allow more sunlight to penetrate to your lawn and foster growth, for which sunlight is an essential ingredient. Some of these overgrown branches can also create a hazardous situation in the winter time as ice forms and accumulates placing a burdensome weight on the branch that could prove unsafe.

The process of tree pruning can be performed year-round. It is ideally performed by experienced experts like us who can understand the variations of tree species, which require specific handling for maximum results. For example: did you know that there is an ideal time of the year to prune a fruit tree, and that differs from the time that you would prune a non-fruit bearing tree? We have the know-how and we have the equipment and the passion to take this important task off of your hands (ensuring your safety) to provide you with a beautiful and safe outdoor space that is healthy and maintained to last and flourish. So if you need tree pruning services in Moreno Valley, CA, give us a call.

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