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Call us today to discuss your tree cabling needs. When might tree cabling be necessary for you? Sometimes trees split and develop two stems or leads. Do you recognize a tree like this on your property? Over time, these stems could grow further apart and one stem could split from the other. The chances of this happening are increased in inclement weather and harsh conditions as winds and the elements create pressure and drive the stems further apart. As you might imagine, a dangerous situation could ensue that could easily lead to the destruction of property, or worse, should the tree give and split. Of course, this is a hypothetical that you don’t want to think about, but knowledge is power, and fortunately, we can provide a solution. The solution is tree cabling, which is the professional technique of installing a cable to secure the stems with additional support. This technique requires careful, precise execution. Tree cabling is best performed by trained and experienced experts who possess the knowledge and the appropriate equipment to pull off the job with considerable ease—that’s us!

The process of tree cabling begins with the installation of a rust-resistant galvanized cable between the multiple stems. Additional cables are also installed to provide more support for any weak limbs that are identified as potentially dangerous. If possible, one of our technicians will climb the tree using safety ropes. If it’s not tenable to climb the tree at all, we can resort to using a bucket truck with a hydraulic lift that allows our technician to stand beside the tree to perform the necessary cabling or pruning. The end result is a secured tree that can withstand the harsh elements and remain safe and secured while growing healthily and happily.

Tree cabling is one of the rarer forms of tree maintenance techniques, so not everyone who owns trees will require this service. However, if you identify a tree within your property that is undergoing this type of splitting, it is a matter that you should act on sooner rather than later. You will want to get a professional opinion. If you call us, we will send a technician out to your property to perform a free inspection and determine the urgency of your need for tree cabling. Again, not only is this a necessary measure for the health and well-being of your tree, by ensuring proper growth and maturation, but it is most importantly a matter of safety. You just don’t know what you don’t know, and before being afflicted by what you least expect, secure your trees and minimize the risk that they might pose to your loved ones and your property. It starts with a simple phone call and we are standing by to serve you. Our experience and service can ensure healthy tree growth, as well as safety and protection to your property and your loved ones.

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