About Us

Licensed Arborists in Moreno Valley, CA

Who We Are

Haley’s Tree Services is a local company that takes pride in providing excellent neighborly service to our community and beyond. We are a family company that understands the value of honesty, hard-work, and a trustworthy reputation. It’s in our DNA, and we live by that, because we live here and are members of the community. Over 25 years of experience means that we provide the highest quality and degree of knowledge, the most proficient skill, and the most effective equipment to tackle the toughest challenges with the most innovative solutions. It is why we are the most trusted name in the region for tree services. Best of all, we do it with smiles on our faces because we love what we do and we believe in treating our clients as we would like to be treated.

Trees sustain life and they provide joy and beauty. We all remember those days, climbing a tree on a warm, summer day or enjoying a magical escape in a tree house. At Haley’s Tree Services, we are driven by our passion for nature, our love of trees, and our desire to serve our Moreno Valley community with creating beautiful outdoor spaces that are safe and enjoyable for years to come. Through over 25 years of experience we have accrued a wealth of knowledge, expertise, skill, and understanding that allow us to provide the very best service that not only meets our client’s needs but continuously exceeds expectations. Call us today and we’ll go to work for you immediately!

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about our services or if you’d like to set up a consultation, please reach out. We are standing by to speak with you, walk you through the process, and set up a visit to assess your property.